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1)先安装PHP(用msi安装包),安装过程中选择ISAPI扩展方式,并需要安装MySQL和iMySQL扩展。 2)在IIS里创建网站时,注意在主目录,配置,映射下,把php对应的dll文件重写(msi安装包自动填写的是错误的)。 3) Web服务扩展中打开或添加PHP

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Google exec challenges Berners-Lee

Google exec challenges Berners-Lee By Candace Lombardi http://news.com.com/Google+exec+challenges+Berners-Lee/2100-1025_3-6095705.html Story last modified Wed Jul 19 05:03:02 PDT 2006 A Google executive challenged Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee on his ideas for a Semantic Web during a conference in Boston on artificial intelligence. On Tuesday, Berners-Lee, the father of the Web and the current director of the World Wide Web Consortium, gave the keynote on artificial intelligence and the Semantic Web at a conference sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). He said the next stage of the Web is about making data accessible for artificial intelligence to locate and analyze. A Semantic Web, a Web with linked data easily readable by machines, would make available more knowledge for reuse in serendipitous

[Semantic Web]About microformats

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Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging). RelTag

[Semantic Web]Kowari

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Kowari是一个基于Java的,非SQL数据库,用于存储RDF文档,提供了一个轻型的,可扩展的,事务安全的环境。http://sourceforge.net/projects/kowari/  Kowari is a Java based, non-SQL database for the storage of RDF providing a lightweight, highly scalable, transaction-safe environment. 目标用户:Developers 开源协议:Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) 操作系统: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language) 编程语言:Java   主题:Database Engines/Servers), Indexing/Search 支持语种: English 用户接口:Web-based

[Semantic Web]Lucene + Semantic Web?

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Java: the Semantic Web Language of Choice Many of the Semantic Web applications demonstrated during the conference are written in Java, as is much of the publicly available code for working with the Semantic Web. While this may alienate some developers, it also demonstrates a commitment on the part of the presenters to create re-usable code, and this approach has paid off in tools like Kowari, which simply grafts the Jena API on top of its triple store, allowing existing Jena users to migrate with a minimum of pain. It may also indicate the desire of many developers to see the Semantic Web take root in the enterprise, where Java is an acceptable development tool. Related Reading

[Semantic Web]南京大学计算机学科的影响和地位(ZT)

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南京大学计算机学科的影响和地位(ZT) 南京大学是国内最早(1958年)从事计算机科学技术研究和教学的少数几所高校之一,1960年建立计算技术专业。

南京大学计算机学科的特点是软硬兼施,软件见长。也许有同学知道,中国第一台数字电子计算机是中科院计算技术研究所研制出来的,但想必大家不一定知道,中国高校的第一台数字电子计算机则是南京大学研制出来的(仿制的苏联M3机);中国的第一个国产系统软件— ALGOL60高级语言编译程序是南京大学实现的;国产200系列大型计算机系列的四款机型中,南京大学计算机硬件专业和常州无线电二厂联合研制了DJS210计算机(仿IBM360,但完全是自主设计的,和IBM不兼容),南京大学计算机软件专业独立研制了运行DJS220上的第一个国产操作系统XT-1。


1991年孙钟秀先生当选为中科院院士(中国高校最早的10名计算机学科院士之一),要不是因某些中国国情,更资深的徐家福先生(中国计算机软件第一人,称为软件泰斗也不为过,曾是国际著名学术刊物《Theoretical Computer Science》编委,中国计算机学会副理事长、软件专业委员会主任、国务院学位委员会计算机学科聘议组第一召集人,从20世纪50年代起一直从事计算机软件教学科研工作,曾开发出十八个软件系统,擅长软件语言与软件自动化,发表论文一百五十多篇,出版著作八部,获国家科技进步二等奖一次,原国家教委科技进步一等奖三次,原电子部特等奖一次,一等奖一次。)更是当之无愧。孙先生的分布计算和徐先生的软件自动化的研究方向是国内最早也最有名的。


[Semantic Web]From: http://sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/Publications/CEUR-WS/

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[Semantic Web]了解 DIG , 一个调用DL Reasoner的接口?

Sean Bechhofer. The dig description logic interface: Dig/1.1. In Proceedings
of the 2003 Description Logic Workshop (DL 2003), 2003.   1 Introduction
Most description logic (DL) systems present the application programmer with a functional
interface, often defined using a Lisp-like syntax. Such interfaces may be more
or less complex, depending on the sophistication of the implemented system, and may
be more or less compliant with a specification such as KRSS [11].
The Lisp style of the KRSS syntax reflects the fact that Lisp is still the most common
implementation language for DLs. This can create considerable barriers to the
use of DL systems by application developers, who often prefer other languages (in
particular the currently ubiquitous Java), and who are becoming more accustomed to
component based software development environments. This is of increasing importance
given current interest in Web Services and service based architectures.
In such an environment, a DL might naturally be viewed as a self contained component,
with implementation details, and even the precise location in which its code is
being executed, being hidden from the application [3]. This approach has several advantages:
the issue of implementation language is finessed; the API can be defined in
some standard formalism intended for the purpose; a mechanism is provided for applications
to communicate with the DL

[Semantic Web]Instance Store

2.2 Precompletion
One of the techniques for tackling the ABox reasoning is the precompletion algo-
rithm, this technique is to split the KB satis ability algorithm in two parts. In
the rst part all the information implicit in the role assertions is made explicit,
generating what we call a \precompletion" of the knowledge base, then a termi-
nological reasoner is used for verifying the consistency of the concept assertions
for each individual name [5, 6].
The work presented in [12] extended the precompletion algorithm for Knowl-
edge Base sati ability to the DL language SHF. The main advantages of this
approach are its ability of using existing highly optimised TBox reasoners, and
the fact that it may be able to handle very large ABox by partitioning them
into disconnected parts.
However, the logic concerned in [12] is a subset of that required by Semantic
Web knowledge representation languages such as OWL, and it is not easy to
see how the technique can be extended to deal with more expressive languages.
Besides, as we stated in the motivation, we will be facing a huge amount of
service advertisements which might be more challenging for the traditional ABox
reasoning. Therefore, we chose an alternative approach | the instance store.
2.3 Instance Store
A instance store provides weaker functinality than a full ABox, but which is
probably sucient to support a number of app

[Semantic Web]RDF/RDFS Class-Property Graph

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